• Peppa
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    I have Tevis fever! I am thinking of having a go at it next year. Who wants to join me!?!?
    Peter Rabbit
    Jul 29 '23
    I sent in my entry for the geriatric hand-walking division of Tevis, but it turns out there is no such division! So I slept in this morning and am following the action online. Between naps.
    Watchin' Movies with The Silkies
    Jul 30 '23
    Watching Tevis this year was great! Let's all do Tevis next year. We should start planning now. I want to have two or three monitors setup to watch all the action.
    Silky Pony
    Aug 7 '23
    I was just looking at the Cougar Rock photos from this year's Tevis. Next year I am going to set up a stand at the top and sell clean underwear to the riders.
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