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7/20/2018: Now in paperback: For all you luddites out there (that includes you, George!) our bestselling Choose Your Own Misadventure book The Big George Morris Clinic is now available in paperback. And it is still available in a variety of ebook formats for the electronically inclined. Enjoy!

The Big George Morris Clinic

6/18/2018: Horse Show Fees: For those of you that enjoy paying all those fees at horse shows, here is a little something for you:

Don't forget to pay your $7 image fee

5/28/2018: More Required Reading: We have just added a new short story to our required reading list for Hillbilly Farmers. The Brogue by Saki is an amusing short story that was written over 100 years ago, yet the horse in question seems all too familiar to riders here at Hillbilly Farms.

2/26/2018: Happy Birthday George Morris: Today is George Morris's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday!! To celebrate we were planning to have a print version of our Choose Your Own Misadventure Book, The Big George Morris Clinic, available for purchase. But that project is running a bit behind schedule (coming soon, though, we promise). Then we thought that, as our gift to the master, we would all ride without stirrups today. But that seemed like an awful lot of work. Then we remembered that George Morris doesn't really like birthdays, so we decided to do nothing. Happy Birthday, George!!!

9/4/2016: George Morris Clinic Bingo: Just in time for George Morris's return, Hillbilly Farms is proud to introduce George Morris Clinic Bingo. To play, just go to a George Morris clinic and use our interactive bingo card on your device, if you dare. If you are not brave (or stupid) enough to use your device at a clinic, use our printable bingo card and play while pretending to take notes. Just don't yell out "Bingo!" if you win, unless you have a card with the "Yells at someone for playing bingo" square.


6/27/2016: George Morris is coming back!: Hillbilly Farms is relieved to announce that George Morris will resume teaching clinics this fall. We weren't sure we would survive a year without George Morris. While we wait for September to roll around, we are going to diligently get ready for His Majesty's return by perfectly practicing to attend one of his clinics in our choose-your-own-misadventure book The Big George Morris Clinic.

6/24/2016: A Scandal Unnoticed: While scouring the internet for information about Jilly Cooper's new book, we discovered a scandal that occurred last year that went unnoticed by our diligent team of news reporters here at Hillbilly Farms. Last year the 30th anniversary edition of 'Riders' was released and this new edition included a chastely modified cover. Outrage followed, with everyone from authors to politicians lamenting the hand's retreat in the new image.

A scandalous prudeness

We apologize for this lapse in reporting and we promise our readers that in the future we will stay on top of all news relating to Jilly Cooper and Rupert Campbell-Black.

5/21/2016: Rupert Campbell-Black is back!: We recently discovered that Jilly Cooper has a new book, 'Mount!', coming out, featuring Rupert Campbell-Black. The book isn't scheduled for release until September, though, so it is going to be a long, long summer of waiting. While you wait, check out some other books recommended by Hillbilly Farms.

03/13/2016: New Jumping Clinic: A new jumping clinic entry has been posted.


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