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The Real Story: Horses, Bright Lights, and My Pursuit of Excellence
by George H. Morris

George Morris is unrelenting     This writer has the best fundamentals of our group this month, but exhibits many of the flaws so common in today's publishing arena. The lack of adherence to the classical principles of writing detracts from what is an otherwise solid book. This author needs to spend several weeks writing without stirrups before attempting a project of this size.
    This writer is advanced enough to execute an automatic release but has resorted to a crest release, creating a broken line between plot elements. Instead of relying on the fundamentals to provide a solid base, he is leaning on pretty pictures for support. His back is flat and his eyes are up.
    This book appears to be a very capable story. However, many of the transitions in this book are abrupt and on the forehand. With more attention to detail this book could go from adequate to a superstar. Until the basics are mastered at home, I would not allow this book to be published.
    This book is a good rough draft, but needs some polish to really shine. Spending at least 45 minutes each day editing would make it a standout on the book shelf. Flashy elements, such as exclamation points, detract from the story and should be used sparingly, or not at all! The mane needs to be pulled and the subtitle could use a trim. The author needs to pay more attention to details to really show this book's true potential.

(This critique can also be found as an Amazon review of Unrelenting.)

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